Make a SMART choice with HUB energy

Make a SMART choice with HUB energy

Published on 05/03/2021

Our vision is to be at the centre of our industry, playing an active role in the energy revolution we see before us, delivering renewable energy and future carbon reduction technologies to help our customers move towards net-zero carbon.

To support us in this journey, we have launched a brand-new tariff for home energy customers, SMART choice. This is our lowest rate tariff benefiting customers who have already had, or agree to have, a smart meter installed.

We are working with our metering partner, SMS plc, to install second generation smart meters as soon as possible. We aim to have a smart meter installed within 2 months of a supply being transferred to HUB energy or within 2 months of the tariff start date for existing HUB energy customers.

Make the SMART Choice and save money now : Get a quote and sign up to our SMART choice tariff here.

What is a SMART choice tariff?

We’ve launched our SMART choice tariff to support the SMART revolution. Customers who already have a smart meter, or agree to have one installed, will benefit from our lowest rate tariff SMART choice tariff.

Am I eligible for a SMART choice tariff?

Our SMART choice tariffs are only available to customers who meet the below criteria.

1.     Be a new customer of HUB energy or an existing customer entering into a fixed term contract with a SMART choice tariff.

2.     Agree to have, a smart meter installed

3.     Manage your account online

4.     Comply with the Terms and Conditions of the SMART choice tariff and our General Terms.

If you do not meet or stop meeting these criteria, your account may be changed to an alternative tariff. For more information, please find the Terms and Conditions here.

When will my smart meter be installed?

Our metering partner, SMS plc is working hard to install smart meters as soon as possible. They will contact you to arrange an appointment around 10 days after your supply start date. Most customers will have their smart meter installed within 2 months of coming on supply or the tariff start date.

What happens at my meter appointment?

A trained installer will call to your home during the set time slot to fit your smart meter (most installations take around two hours). Once fitted, the installer will perform safety checks, explain how to use your smart meter and the in-home display that comes with it, as well as answering any questions you might have. And that's it! You will be ready to begin enjoying the benefits of your smart meter by taking greater control of your energy usage.

How safe is my data?

Data security is big news right now, so it’s not surprising that some might be concerned about how Smart meters capture and use their information.

The data a Smart meter captures is protected by law – just like any other information you provide to your energy supplier. This means you can decide when it’s taken, how it’s used, if it’s shared and who it is shared with. For clarity,

HUB energy will not share any information captured by your Smart meter with a third party, unless we are legally required to do so.

For security reasons, all data captured by your Smart meter is encrypted and is never stored on the meter itself. No personal information such as your name, address or financial information is captured, stored or transmitted by the meter – just details of the amount of energy you use.