Published on 01/08/2018

Looking to saving energy in the workplace doesn’t mean making wholesale changes to the way you operate - sometimes it’s just as easy as encouraging staff to make more conscious energy choices. These methods can be quickly implemented and will reduce your energy usage considerably.

Switch off lights in unoccupied rooms/install sensors

If your office building has storage rooms, kitchens or photocopier rooms, they won’t be in use constantly. Make sure all staff members are encouraged to switch the lights off as they leave the room. And if they don’t, resort to printing out ‘please turn out the lights’ labels. If this still doesn’t work, it might be time to install occupancy sensors, which will cut your light usage considerably.

Make use of natural light

Offices typically keep the blinds shut all day due to screen glare, at the cost of keeping the lights on all day. Keep the blinds open and let the sun in. It’s a good excuse to move the office around or invest in screen protectors.

Shut down equipment properly

It’s easy for staff to get into the habit of quickly closing their laptops before leaving for the night, but this can lead to mounting standby charges. Modern devices start up quickly, so make sure everyone shuts down their computer properly. Designate a staff member to shut down printers, scanners and televisions too.

Take control of your heating and air conditioning

Leaving your heating to be controlled by employees often leads to it either being turned on to the highest or lowest setting. Ensure it is set to a comfortable level and leave it there. This will also give you the opportunity to install a ‘dead band’, which ensures the heater isn’t fighting with the air conditioning if your system is zoned.

Upgrade old and unsuitable appliances

Domestic appliances are not designed for heavy commercial use, and despite being cheaper to purchase initially, can be more expensive in the long term. Replace your kettle with an instant boiling water dispenser, and switch your fridge for a frost-free commercial model.

Look for quick ways to make a difference

Before signing off a large investment in energy saving changes to your business, there are plenty of modifications you can make in the short term. Ensure all doors and windows are properly draught proofed and make sure your insulation levels are topped up.

Staff Training

Getting buy-in from staff is key to the success of any energy saving strategy you want to implement. Educate them about why you are making changes and the benefits it will bring to them.


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