Published on 25/02/2020

One of our key values is to make sure we do the right thing by our customers and the environment and one of the ways we do this is by supplying our customers with great value, 100% renewable electricity. In January, we launched an exciting new project; supplying our customers carbon-neutral gas, at no extra cost. 

One of the negatives of refining natural gas is that it produces carbon emissions and it's estimated that for every kWh of gas, 0.18kg of CO2 is produced.

To off-set the impact that this has on the environment, we've started working in partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd to support projects around the world, funding renewable energy schemes or backing initiatives that reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.

If you'd like to learn more visit our carbon offset page.

In January, we supplied our customers with 8,748,401 kWh of gas, which means we're off-setting 1,575 tonnes of CO2. 

Let's put it into perspective...

That is around the same weight at 15 Blue Whales

The world's largest mammal to have ever lived weighs around 100 tonnes, meaning our customers have off-set enough carbon to outweigh 15 of them (or 300 killer whales...).

It is the same weight as 250 elephants

An African bush elephant weighs around 6 tonnes, outweighing the Asian elephant which comes in at (just) 5 tonnes.

It is the same weight as 400 Hippopotamus

An average hippopotamus weighs in at around 6.75 tonnes. Believe it or not, hippopotamuses can't actually swim, instead they walk along river and lake beds at around 5mph.

It is the same weight as 10 average houses in the UK

An average UK home, unfurnished, weighs around 150 tonnes. That's more than 660,000 bricks worth of carbon.