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Why is my statement amount higher than expected?

There are a few reasons why your invoice may be higher than you expected. These include:

  • Your meter readings are higher than the estimates on your account – if you haven’t been submitting meter readings regularly you may have been previously underestimated. If we have recently received an up to date meter reading, you will have been billed for any usage that was previously under estimated since the last reading. We recommend you provide regular meter readings to ensure you are paying for the amount of energy you use. The more meter readings we have, the more accurate your estimates will become.
  • Your usage may have changed – the usage at your property will vary with seasonal changes, new or different appliances or changes in the amount of time you spend at home. This could be a reason for an increase in your energy usage.
  • Your tariff may have changed – if you have cancelled your Direct Debit, your statement or bill will be issued at non Direct Debit rates in line with the Terms and Conditions of your agreement. Find out how to reinstate your Direct Debit here. If your fixed term agreement has recently ended and you have not agreed a new fixed term, your account will be on our Standard Variable Tariff. You can log in to My HUB to renew your tariff.
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While we are all affected by issues related to the Coronavirus, we would really appreciate it if customers can use our online services wherever possible before contacting us by phone. So, if you're getting in touch to provide a meter reading, request a bill or make a payment, please do so by logging into you My HUB account.

This is so we are able to support customers who are experiencing emergencies and so we can keep our phone-lines clear for our more vulnerable customers.

Get in touch with us at any time of the day by filling in our contact form. Simply provide us with the details of your question and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

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