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If you are transferring to HUB energy and you have a second generation (SMETS2) meter, your smart meter will continue to send us regular meter readings. Your in-home display (IHD) will still show your energy consumption and will be updated to display your HUB energy tariff. You do not need to do anything and should see your meter reading on your first statement.

If you have a first-generation smart meter (SMETS1), your smart functionality may be lost when you transfer your supply away from your current supplier. Over the next few months, SMETS1 meters will have a remote update to allow them to function as a SMETS2 meter meaning the smart functionality will continue as you change across suppliers. The update will be completed remotely meaning there is no interruption to your supply. You should keep your in home display (IHD) from your previous supplier as when your meter is remotely updated, your IHD will also be updated to display your HUB energy tariff.

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While we are all affected by issues related to the Coronavirus, we would really appreciate it if customers can use our online services wherever possible before contacting us by phone. So, if you're getting in touch to provide a meter reading, request a bill or make a payment, please do so by logging into you My HUB account.

This is so we are able to support customers who are experiencing emergencies and so we can keep our phone-lines clear for our more vulnerable customers.

Get in touch with us at any time of the day by filling in our contact form. Simply provide us with the details of your question and we’ll get back to you with a response as soon as possible.

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