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What is a SMART choice tariff?

We’re launching our SMART choice tariff to support the SMART revolution. Customers who agree

What is a SMART meter?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ll have some sort of meter in your home. If it’s

Am I eligible for a SMART choice tariff?

Our SMART choice tariffs are only available to customers who meet the below

What are the exit fees?

If you choose to change your tariff or you change supplier prior to your fixed term agreement end

When will my SMART meter be installed?

Our metering partner, SMS plc is working hard to install smart meters as soon as possible. They

What will happen at my installation appointment?

A trained installer will call to your home during the set time slot to fit your smart meter (most

I need to rearrange my smart meter installation appointment. What should I do?

Our metering partner SMS plc will support you with appointment bookings. If you need to speak

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for this tariff?

Our Terms and Conditions can be found

How safe is my data?

Data security is big news right now, so it’s not surprising that some might be concerned about

How much does a smart meter cost?

A smart meter upgrade is free of charge - this means there is no additional cost to you for having

How can I renew my fixed rate tariff?

All our tariffs are ‘online’ meaning that you can manage your account at any time – day or