Terms and Conditions

HUB Smart Choice Fixed 12 August 22 v1

HUB Smart Choice Fixed 12 August 22 v1

Tariff Schedule of Terms & Conditions

This Tariff Schedule details the terms and conditions in addition to the HUB energy General Terms and Conditions for Home Energy. Where there are differences, the terms and conditions detailed in this Tariff Schedule take precedence.

1. Terms and Conditions

HUB energy General Terms & Conditions for Home Energy v3 & SMART Choice Tariff Terms & Conditions - New SMART only

2. Tariff

HUB Smart Choice Fixed 12 August 22 v1

3. Tariff Prices

As contractually agreed and detailed in your Welcome Pack.

4. Payment Terms

Direct Debit only.

5. Supply Start Date

On or after 30 July 2021.

6. Tariff Term

Prices fixed until 31 August 2022.

7. VAT

Our invoiced charges include VAT, so should the rate of VAT change, our prices will be changed accordingly.

8. Tariff Availability

On sale from 13 July 2021 however may be withdrawn from sale at any time.

9. Communication

Online only to your email address unless there is a legal requirement to communicate by post.

10. Termination Charges

£30 per fuel exit fee.